Wednesday, 22 September 2010

TEDxChange Event

Attended TEDxChange event on Holiday Monday. I was invited to attend TEDxTokyo event in May, but could not make it due to my tight schedule in Sendai. It was so sorry, and I had expected another chance.

About 50 people gathered at 東京 Interaction Center in Kagurazaka, around 21 pm, and TEDxChange Global event started around midnight since it was ustreamed from the east coast (NYC, I am not sure, though). That event was coorganized with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Espceially focused on health in developing countries. As TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design, talks by four people were interesting and enjoyable.

I felt like connecting with people who were watching this event in various areas on the earth. It is quite the world that was suspected by Jacques Attali, a French economist and politician, who wrote "Une Breve Histoire de L'avenir".

TEDxChange Global

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