Friday, 17 September 2010

Facebook reminds me my good and old friends

Already registered in Facebook about a year ago, I have not used it so much. Don't know why, but one reason may be I am tweeting on Twitter, relatively many tweets per day. But I have got an invitation to an event held at Monday night from a virtual friend, or a friend whom I have not met in person. This invitation was used a system of Facebook to announce people who are friends on Facebook about the event. Facebook is more popular than Twitter in the US and Europe, heard from my foreign friends. So, considering potential merit, I have determined to use Facebook more frequently than before.

The system has suggested to list up my friends, seems automatically utilizing addresses of my friends that I have sent mails via gmail or address. As a result, I've got many announce mails telling me about "XX confirmed you as a friend." And I've got messages from a good and old friend that I have not recently contacted. This is somehow heartwarming chance for me to recall my memories.

Not sure how to use of how often to use Facebook in my daily life, but I think it would be nice to use it for connecting my friends in every way.

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