Saturday, 18 September 2010

Meeting is to meet in person

From Tuesday to Friday, one of our faculty colleagues, Prof. Ichiro Sora, organized the 40th Japanese Society for Neuropsychopharmacology meeting jointed with the 20th Japanese Society of Clinical Neuropsychopharmacology meeting organized by Prof. Koichi Ohtani. Prof. Sora hold another meeting today (Saturday), the 18th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Psychiatric Genetics. I gave a talk on Thursday and today, and had dinner a few times. So, not only for Prof. Sora's lab members, but also for me, this is the meeting week.

What is nice to attend meetings is to hear presentations directly, which is often easier to capture the essence of their research. But probably, more than that, it is the occasion to see someone in person. I met Dr. Akiko Hayashi who recently came back from Prof. Sawa's lab in Johns Hopkins, and joind the Kasai Lab at the University of Tokyo. Since I have happened to know her name through a recommendation to a private fellowship and through excellent results in Sawa Lab, I was happy to see her in person. She did a good job at her presentation today on DISC1 and related molecules, and ongoing research on drug discovery, etc.

She has got Sakigake-grant, which is considered to be prestigious among young scientists in Japan. Hoping good luck for her research.

Nat Neurosci Paper
Sakigake Grant

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