Sunday, 5 September 2010

His's Old Book "Die Entwickelung des menschlichen Gehirns wahrend der ersten Monate"

The 33rd Annual Meeting of Japan Neuroscience Society was held in cooperation with other two societies, therefore it was relatively big one compared with standard annual meetings. This was true not only at the level of the number of participants and presentations but also of financial support. So, the get together party was held with more than 600 people attended, enjoying good food and beautiful performance by Maiko-san and Geiko-san. On behalf of the chair of next year's meeting, I made a speech at the end of the party, apologying that you cannot expect those kind of things next year, so instead, I will wear kimono. But no dance!

There were so many bookshops that were selling variety of books and journals related with neuroscience. At one such shop, I found an old book by an famous Swiss anatomist and embryologist Prof. Wilhelm His, published in 1904! It was "Development of Human Brain" written in German with many sketches of human fetal brain tissues. I once quated His's statement on the neural crest, an transient tissue giving rise to the peripheral nervous system, melanocytes, and craniofacial bones. It is amazing that we can see such an old book even now, after more than a century. Books are still living media to transfer knowledge, philosophy, idea, etc.

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