Wednesday 11 May 2011

Two months after 311 disaster: what shall I do for us?

Two months have passed since 311 earthquake occurred. The downtown Sendai looks almost OK with many new comer students gathered after the longer spring vacation. In department stores and shops, there were various "Sales for recovery from 311", and the number customs are the same as in Tanabata Festival and New Year Special Sale.

Broken facilities in the lab have now been in the process of restoration. I have ordered new bookshelves to replace the destroyed ones. Fortunately, I was able to discard tons of documents, files, booklets, etc. Most of them are just kept to occupy a huge space. Now I have got an excuse: "If I cannot find the items that I threw away, it is God's will."

I have become more serious to think about my priority. Twelve years has passed after I started my lab in Sendai, and it is a good timing for me to think the a decade or two in future.