Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Accident on an icy road

Yesterday, I fell down on the icy road when I came back from the lab. I was thinking about future experiments and research in my lab so that I was not sure what happened, then I saw the ground had come nearer, and next I felt my cheek became swelling so quickly. I guess some relatively thick artery had broken other than a severe scratch. Then I realized my glasses are also broken...

What shall I do...

I was going to visit a house of my friend living neighborhood after fetching a box of chocolate. I called her about the accident, which prevented me from visiting.

Then I went to an eye-glass shop to fix plastic lenses (fortunately, they are not broken!) to a new frame. So, everything seems to be not the worst. My brain, my arms, my legs, all are fine and functional, except my bad appearance on my face!

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